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Vintage 80's TV drama repost of -

Nostalgia is a virus ,often in a nostalgic mood in his heart felt a sudden come unexpectedly ,deja vu and long-lost throbbing . Mature wise men say ,nostalgia is not a good habit ,people should look forward .
Admittedly ,but the elapse of time and always has the indelible marks engraved in memory ,the trails in the dust for a long time, some day or night was accidentally blown open ,but found that never die .
I have been poisoned too deep ,but rather sweet .Born in the early eighty ,TV play is probably I was a very important entertainment .Every one have ever seen TV play reminds me of that in a sneaky way back the guardian from the door every from the blanket in slowly watch the lad ,and every TV screen and the song ,let me back to my youth.
Computer hard disk .A lot of nostalgic television drama titles or run-out .Not only happy people Lele ,then posted assignment ,I feel the same friends sharing. Primary school the first grade movies .
Now look ,seem ridiculous. The picture is so humble, the plot is also some stereotyped shameless Crosse soldiers last .Always use &quot ;time ,stop &quot ;to the fierce monster anchor ,similar to the Chinese mythology the body, then a somersault over the sword monster cut into pieces, an end to the fighting.
But when it is so crazy ,Crosse style helmet is the childhood dreams have one of the few large items .This derivative of childhood songs now also do not remember very clearly &quot ;HH beautiful princess in her summer ,with her little wing ,to the dinosaur of Cretaceous hh&quot ;lyrics :in the distant rainbow in a world of mystery ,luminous roads era soldier smiling by shining the spacecraft embark on the journey through time and space ,through the speed of light in a four-dimensional space forward, forward ,forward for a number ,to Shanghai ! Storm Carina Lau ,Wilson Lam ,Sean Lau ,starring Wu Zhenyu occurred in the period of war of resistance against Japan in Shanghai .
Wilson Lam Carina Lau has been Japanese catch ,Louboutin,he Cronicas save back is the lack of resemblance of Japanese female spy .In bloody era, Wilson Lam finally about to destroy Japanese bacterial Experimental Factory ,it was around man identity .
After the end of the forest or to the satisfaction of all ,save the real girlfriend ,and Japanese female spy for saving the forest and sacrifice. But in the end, forest facing Japanese girl grave ,let me as it first seems somewhat understand :what is love ,but love is who .
Lyrics: let this heart, moment love mark this moment is also thought no longer feel distressed joy pain would not hold the storm may life not by frost and rain to each other every thing to talk just a little change a bit masking will also stop footsteps life way unchanged heart mark in cold days need not worry only think proud of you Taoyuan gas ,the year Angie Chiu ,emotional expression is a baby ;when Andy Lau ,with a mettlesome and handsome bearing behavior is first set the disciples attack you .
When, when the feeling is very terrible .You all take the knife shape is very unique ,impression is quite deep .In addition the also there was a dead play a bit role of Sean Lau ,Bobby Au-Yeung.
The grand finale, is already grey-haired Tang Qi to the child tells Fu Qingyun and Murong white resentment between the plot is let the human sob .Lyrics :Wonderland should see Quiet good why laughter and joy in sadness and hate is looming in the magic sword should only light on why wind evil billow more quiet starry sky angel devil separated for the first suddenly hate good ghost alternating much circulation disillusionment reproducible Qin Shihuang .
I contacted the earliest television version of Qin Shihuang Liu Yong. Qin Shihuang now look cold Jun more domineering . Meng Jiangnu is Petrina Fung ,Jing Ke is Damian Lau ,Christian Louboutin UK,and the role of Catherina Yim forgot.
To Xi to go shooting with 63 sets of Hongkong at that time length of TV play is work .Gallen Law to sing the theme song is quite pleasant . Lyrics :the earth beneath my feet country meter palm in the hands of which dare talk more leveled the who which unified hegemony who record high solitary superior you see I have a beautiful picturesque mountain foot fog day taunted me who can boast of Qin is beginning this took forever handsome stone carved deposit history told how I hero Tianya moon knife ,change the ancient dragon classic.
Law Lok Lam plays the white Prince Yan Nafei ,Law Lok Lam early or often play this guy ,the earliest the legend of Condor Hero is his Yang Guo ,but later age, it falls in the 4 of criminal investigation plays the murderer .
The shape of Fu Hongxue cool ,is probably the first impressions are strongest in it, always think Hongkong martial arts design modeling are nice .That N years later saw the mainland take Tianya moon knife that with a cupola braided Fu Hongxue tried not to spit it out ,in this film ,Yan Nafei Wu Jing has been spoiled .
Do not say this ,stick Lyric :lyric .Clear moonlight times ,blade times cold vast skyline road charming moon sheer behind who try to steal the spirits in the day the best, most beautiful poisonous flowers to digest who can feed sober up tomorrow after people is still warm head sword have been received in the cheers, was full of zombies in the bed pillow and quilt ,early distributing trap master hands also suddenly become fist blood not cold friendship has broken my sorrow the Eight Immortals crossing the sea when the blade in the classic large ah ,a lot of years later ,never seen a department of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea to transcend his mm at least I thought.
Zhang Guolao immortal drink the soup looks very delicious ,is a small time and ginseng fruit juxtaposed to the two characteristics to try but can only think about things ;Cao Guojiu as The immortal that some conversion ,just like the Western split personality ;Han Xiangzi gave him the letter written by my uncle from primary school the first grade was back in &quot ;cloud cross Qinling Mountains home where ,snow owned blue Guan horse not before &quot ; plot has do not need to say more, Liu Fengping theme song is very pleasant to the ear .
Lyrics :Fairmount across the sea of clouds ,Xia Ling jade is said to have angel angel break even from envy ,the world where there is joy Park hard dry Nanyi interested can develop without complaining ,hard struggle to sweat and blood ,but to be natural world more warmth as a hair ,ahead of a warm worry no worry ,to seek practice every day happy happy year jade floor of Asgard ,gold heap jade earthly than Wonderland ,also not bad line tenderness French female police officer Shu Min managed to catch a killer &quot ;&quot ;,but the young barrister Ni Bowen to defend the acquittal.
Since then, Shu everywhere as Bowen ,lane he was very embarrassed. Then the real murderer was arrested by police ,sensitive very guilty to Ni climb down and apologize ,the friends become lovers ,then became husband and wife Shu Min and Ni Bowen in the screen couple Mi Xuehe Damian Lau played ,don almost 20 years ,Catherina Yim unexpectedly Ratio was also appear young Lyric :only to fall in love with you ~ ~ perhaps wrong ,would rather miss again not why ,have to think too much ,there only you and me ,hold all even pain.
Hate love and love ,still cannot give up already explain why all ,have cry too much ,the heart pain for me ,how can extinguish fire at heart .Don be like fire eyes looked at me hard ,the hearts of the depressed but no more ,a cold heart is showing love only love ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,even today .
not Gong ,the insane epilepsy and is without a doubt my childhood idol ,so home fans and several I torn rags, holding hands in a humorous to . The song is ,when children almost everyone can sing.
You Benchang acted on ,they haven seen in other television dramas . Recently found a trace of TV station in the new . Gong ,or his acting ,but found little time good-looking mm actually grew up very sad lyrics :shoes cap broken ,broken, broken body robes .
You laugh at me ,he laughed at me, a fan is broken. Amitabha Buddha ,Amitabha Buddha ,Amitabha Buddha ,Nan Wua Amitabha Buddha .Hey ,hey hey hey hey ,hey hey .No trouble without annoying the fickleness of the world are not sad ,see .
Go ,Le ,Le ,where there is injustice which have me ,where there is injustice which have me . JINGWAH dream is adapted from a Zhang Henshui novel Jinfenshijia original by Howe .Door son Jin Yanxi and civilian woman Leng Qingqiu shows a big family .
The adaptation retains the original framework ,but in some plot and character relationships made many alterations ,the protagonist changed :gold Yanxi changed their name to Jin Zhenxi ,cold kiyoaki becomes He Yanqiu sees LIZA as Yan Qiu ,is really amazing .
Even many years later ,she plays the Yan Qiu and Angie Chiu plays a magnolia is still in the eyes of modern television drama woman appearance model, that my time is divided not clear JINGWAH and JINGWAH the dream cloud difference .
Liza Wang himself has said :this is she starred in the drama the most love one. The theme song is by Gu Jiahui Deng Weixiong ,lyrics are first-class level ,one singing and three sighs ,such as resentment, such as mu ,as if weeping and complaining ,by such as ray ,incessant .
Lyrics: a dream of life hearts drunk ,empty of Shatter my tear down, why love passing water river where can catch ??but has left not to sigh ,the wind flying ,affective as smoke ,smoke elimination day outside .
The wrong love life past lovers tears ,negative cold alliance ,with tears looking afar ,Castle Peak Hour ,expecting to change nursing complaints without hate love rejected ,Ju park now resentment ?How much the storm ,and grief as broken .
And sad as broken ! JINGWAH cloud adaptation of the play is very delicate ,Angie Chiu Yao Mulan is very appropriate .Recently this film and Zhao Micro Edition comparison also emerge in an endless stream .
Just because I like Angie Chiu ,so no matter other reasons like this version .Film is based on Lin Yutang novel of the same name ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,Lin Yutang is very much like a writer ,the original is the first English edition ,Lin Yutang himself later and then translate it into Chinese .
JINGWAH dream ,this TV before and after the two theme songs in general are the top grade,louboutin pas cher, artistic conception is consistent with the original spirit . Lyrics :theme :how JINGWAH cloud scattered bearing grudges .
How many page of history has not been writing to make inkstone pen on the already setting what is life what is this Sui Suinian In dreams and the junction was once my golden characters on a red background love the most brightly when always lost the most flourishing is always the most desolate heavy smoke tree ,a mountain ten feet the completion of moss in the memory under the stars ,in the past many tyrants of dream !Trailer :floating dream come back in the dusk the road has seen much laughter sorrow how crazy love hate to put all the time the heart to keep the reservoir now the years write down the last page of a dream like a dream and the vicissitudes of a dream a infinite consideration, leaving was hard to forget ,leave the person crying again afraid to see the black hair dyes autumn frost can life covenant afterlife compensation and left the great resentment ,as for the wind, do pay the wind forget ,forget the times ,blade times cold vast skyline road charming moon sheer behind who try to steal the spirits in day the best, most beautiful poisonous flowers to bear who can feed after people still sober up tomorrow warm head still sword have been received in the cheers, was full of zombies in the bed pillow and quilt ,early distributing trap master hands also suddenly become fist blood not cold friendship has broken my sorrow ,when the blade Yuan .
The whole town turns out to. ,broadcast when is the whole town turns out to. Huang Yuan Shen also is not a monk ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the ornamental and the combined plain properties are in line with the temperament when the body is not good image of Huo Yuanjia ,and later Chiu Man-Cheuk gorilla version of crafty Huo Yuanjia really difficult to see ;played by Bruce Leung Chen Zhen ,with as for many years later saw the fire gods almost could not believe his eyes mm this was before that one a Chen Zhen theme song ?&quot ;the Great Wall never inverted &quot ;that also carries the high streets and back lanes on both sides of the Changjiang river with the TV play .
Now hum ,is still the blood boil, and sky. Lyrics :drowsiness hundred years ,Chinese people have gradually .Open your eyes, look carefully .What would his s admission for shrink and patience family pride day ask it, shout it here is the are soldiers always bandit invasion will ultimately killed the Great Wall never to thousands of miles in the Yellow River waters a beautiful Diecai Feng Ling asked me which made their country as infected ,waved it committed to national resurgence would let the country trampled by one negative the sleeping lion has since mission has to wake up twins although the plot was more outrageous :Big Ten become four The villain ;lingsing house became a king, became Zhang Jing the fairy mother ;Murong nine and love be made one ;Fuehrer is arranged to die ;but the invitation was Jiang biehe killed.
But the two main actors completely let me do not care about this. Tony Leung baby how are the ancient spirit demon ,never saw more than his God-shaped both small fish ;Hugo Ng flower look like graceful bearing ,dressed in white, how a nice word .
For the first time to see the film time is 92 years ,still in primary school ,is the university take part in summer camp ,every night from the teachers ,ran downstairs quarters open-air teahouse ,and those students fight 3 days to finish reading .
At the time of the day 5 ,6 sets of view feel good . Lyrics :life is full of doubt that human nature is difficult to trust the enemy guessing and guessing but my heart is not full of hatred against the human world how much love really but I have to let you know my grudges once determined the sky cloud cannot root slant to close to the wind of death will not ask you to know I love rogue tycoon Alex Man ,Carol Cheng ,Carina Lau ,Wu Qi, Hua ,starring Kathy Chow Alex Man at that time often played some began to poverty ,but unremitting self-improvement ,louboutin,finally understanding money miss or found millionaire father to his role at that time like Chuqiao liked it so much ,although Carol Cheng was not beautiful ,but the acting Chuqiao unforgettable.
Ending in Carol Cheng ,Alex Man beside her there ,a drop of tears from her eyes fall ,also do not know finally wake up not quite ,aftertaste. Theme song footprints city is Paula Tsui Xu Tianhou sing, then the TV play songs always so pleasant :Lyric :for everyone in the street each other hurried past wrinkled his brow overlapping footprints on a thousand times than just fine viewing fall does not matter and look around each person cold eyes how He Yin in rush that would ever know you and I is near or far away now in the city as if can not let friendship to each time urging life every day have no time to look at what the person smiling eyes street as a sincere face walk to me a smile heart love from far to near now inside the city each seems can not let friendly approach time drives Life every day but no time looking like the warm sunshine of a heart filled with joy to see an instant friendship life phase can then make two hearts can be asymptotically pearl legend and Crosse ,give me the deepest impression .
Bewitched Peng ,Sun Xing ,Li Youlin ,Lin Yizhen precisely ,starring Ge Weiru .A magical Bracelet beautiful girl, but future husband is a clumsy, ugly nerd .But nerd is kind-hearted ,so we need a is often the role: Shen son ,to enliven the story .
Basically is a collection of a small story together ,each episode of what is now remember ,just remember to watch this TV play left laugher .Songs are queen combination sings love written Au line array ,or interesting .
Lyrics :she is always only a phone number would never let me send him home, you said you have ever fallen in love with she was also unable to set aside from you say you are don have advised me not to give up too early and her past as a myth and legend as silly smile to each other we care so much about her but she all kill more waiting for her ,the more sad never get answer what What does she think should continue to guess it ,or say forget it for a recognition of lovelorn method let the mood to a vacation when you and I are not carefully and remember her, in memory to draw a fork moon sword ,a fantasy comedy martial arts films ,Roger Kwok and Dicky Cheung played a day and a TV station .
Then the past 12 every night to put a set ,in order to wait and see ,a little older try to stay up hard. Lyrics: heavy night across days fishy tainted blood grave owl with moon in smoke spookiness evil wind jackal night ghost endless blue demons call sound sound very temptations trigger world more disasters earthly strife inexhaustible interest as has been split in nine days at sea ray through righteousness to Butch points across the dark day excited curiosity will be reduced to the dark stars in long day cleaning Sihai reply to just to lie with me a blood washed moon pursue wife three of us are walking together bovine three sons years old ,home ,home Wei has come to the age of marriage ,but still without a home ,mom aside anxious ah ,and rental housing ,to 3 young women to forest beauty, Yu Cailing and Yao Yiyi intermediate after several waves .
Fold anyway Xiucheng Zhengguo .Similar to bewitched the Taiwan light comedy plays Yu Cailing tou shen-ni but beautiful ah ~ remember cattle mother express ?&quot ;pink flying phoenix &quot ;,remember home affixed to the side poetic couplet ?&quot fashionably dressed men and women ;wedding festivities ,Amitabha you &quot ;lyrics :close your eyes feel to guess about love you heart day and night waiting for him to understand that how much you worthy of his love of transparent love is not afraid of anyone damage but who also did not understand why the current moment will pass up a color of her love imprison your love no color was loved deeply .
Do not separate the sweet sixteen do you think it is a story ,then you are wrong ;do you think this is the life ,so I was wrong. This is a combination of hundreds of thousands of children sixteen years of age experience ,weaving a song, a poem ,a dream sixteen years song pleasant euphemism ,not necessarily is ;sixteen Poems is enthusiastic and bold and unrestrained ,not necessarily rhyme ;sixteen year old dream pure and true ,may not be successful .
No wonder the poet Xi Murong infinite nostalgia said :the flowers at the age of sixteen ,only Open season. But friends ,as long as you have sixteen years ,you have had a job and the sun hot, like blood red youth.
Mmmm mind forever classical youth .Pure light ,Han Feier was the dream lover. Now also grew up ,in the Oriental TV to be the host. Later the film filmed a sequel to tell their story ,after growing up ,I feel very hurt ,maybe just like the title says: the flowers at the age of sixteen ,can only open a season Lyric :blowing the whistle on free self joke one thousand repetitions and loneliness as a seasoning blowing free whistle with self-made joke one thousand repetitions and loneliness as a seasoning the sky outside good narrow my ideal is higher than the sky world outside is very capacious and what I want to know in this colorful season series song sing to find their own dream feeling feeling everything is vague in this colorful season series song to find their own dream feeling feeling everything is hazy embrace the Chaoyang let hope flying hug the Chaoyang let hope flying Oh sixteen sixteen mmmm Shanghai Bund did not think of ,Louboutin Pas Cher,After 20 years ,Xu Wenqiang and Feng Chengcheng charm or unable to resist ,to write to praise it seems to have been unnecessary.
If in which you want to pick a favorite love fragments ,undoubtedly many people would like me to choose snow Xu Wenqiang tall figure as Cheng Cheng put up an umbrella ,in the flying snowflakes and Cheng Cheng went back.
Finally Cheng Cheng going to France before, Xu Wenqiang to her house to ask ,can you give me a second chance ?Fage and sesame sister deduce that helpless and desolate expression always let the heart silently sour Frances Yip singing the theme song is still many mobile phone ringtone choice.
Lyrics: wave wave flow Wanli Taotao river never take things a depleted soil a trend is be fond of is anxious the water divide not clear laughter sorrow the success of failure waves do not see there is no love you hate you.
Like a river close to 1000 turn thousand beaches also in this battle and was not pacified and worry even confused laughter sorrow still may turn of waves in my hearts may be the name you are not very familiar with ,but he also a song you probably heard of it Love to fight will win would later affixed to the film ,but since there is a friend mentioned above ,the first from the computer to righteousness implacable splicing out at close range .
,see this movie when I was just on the junior high school ,because I like Felix Wong ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,so then look down ,did not think so beautiful .Felix Wong style is like Guo Jing ,honest honest ,very suitable for his role .
Wen Zhaolun began his acting career at bad guy ,a newspaper said in an old lady was his Kang to piss .Carina Lau plays Ni Chu Jun earned me a lot of sympathy ,the most unendurable is ,why Chu Jun finally die ?Why Kang so late ?Maggie Siu inside this miserable little thought to find true love ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,but was pushed off the train ,Kathy Chow was also the screenwriter made the Dutch act .
And Yammie Nam, seeing that this is the beauty of the woman was wrongly imprisoned the last hanging .On some memory in the episode :Chu Jun ,says &quot ;who called you a lifetime for the tea would it ;the story is your lesson ,l life r this three characters are not arbitrarily with the female say &quot ;in the church ,Ken pull to Go to Africa, Chu Jun said to her :&quot ;I will wait for you to come back to me in the &quot ;&quot ;if I never come back ?&quot ;&quot ;I will wait for you for a lifetime of &quot ;&quot ;do not allow a woman for a lifetime, the woman would believe &quot ;ten years later, Ken Church in bitter night Ken Chu Jun back ,asleep ,a woman came by to HH Ken woke up &quot ;king is dead , take care &quot ;note .
What did Chu Jun come back ?Yang Guo and Helen of Troy is reunited after 16 years ,and the red shoes master Chu Jun. Is it right? ?if rated TVB ten episodes ,I think a lot of people would vote meaning .
Mm implacable vote after so many years ,younger brother and sister had probably never heard of this movie ,but when you hear the last word catchy tune time, please remember ,it is the film theme song .
The lyrics :heating which may have turned many autumn search but partial lose hope is in hand I have no explanation or missed just heard to see the changes are not prosecuted for the decision to give up life often and has drained me of this Life not touch has run the last word confused always see did not expect what I is unexpectedly already all my mother ever compromise also tried to struggle in every little bright dream away which can receive mother who turn from praise and cursing didn I lost all my is unexpectedly already last emperor .
If you ask me the love which Felix Wong character ,the answer is not the legend of Guo Jing in I love Kathy Chow ;if asked which character ,the answer is not the week Zhi if I most love ,is in their last emperor ,played the rich examine end Kang and company success.
On the story, in short ,is the late Qing Dynasty in a team of love .Yang Peipei produced many plays of Jin Yong I have revolted ,but the play is very I accepted a classic. This TV play head end two song sounds very beautiful.
Titles is Jonathan Lee famous :be possessed by ghosts .But Trailer but not many people are familiar with the song ,Yik Kwan Lee sings would never break up in love .This TV play the very end ,end Kang and fortunes looked out of the window at the winter embrace the moving picture and sound ?The song does not break in love ,the vicissitudes of life arise spontaneously ,worldly grief at separation and joy in union station was fixed in the small window ,even around the crowd, but the world seemed to belong to the window of this couple.
Perfect ENDING .Kathy Chow and Felix Wong in this one and a half minutes of time purely with eyes and facial expressions to the couple experienced hardships ,the warm heart ,on mutual trust, a vision of the future show ~ ~ ~ is really a classic !!if you in front of all the plot all not seen, just look at the one and a half minutes ,you will be conquered .
Trailer :Sunset Lyric sent last sunset past still shines in my heart the Millennium destiny nor personal melancholy love destined to face the layer after layer wave does not break in love with you watching life .
But with much pain to repay your eyes red broken love only quiet sadness calculate earth cannot combine fate is a last ridiculous that I may not stubborn looking for the sea will have boiling desire if you are willing to wait accompany by my side to meet in a storm Time and time again hurt sword devil - expansion .
Felix Wong a costume piece ,leading actress is Maggie Siu ,Christian Louboutin ireland,the villain is played by Hugo Ng . The flower is about the invention of the lonely nine sword duguqiubai youth story. When video hall to see, then think Maggie Siu is pretty good, bad and she played many roles as last without a good result.
Lyrics :conceited and don not fear pressure big peaked earlier disdain Wang smiled and said that my hand to defeat him when he once thought captive understanding on him and set his mind to win victory Ferchai mind big move directly on the new advanced more hope will one day no longer ask who wins and who loses a famous partial dispersion add resentment righteous also love leave really puzzling love life love debt alive still long Ronglai surname is willing to love the gallant Yeh buried is not red ,just a little pink when a TV series.
But the play is his old partner Ng Man Tat. At that time I also some baby fat ,plump face looked so cute. This film is the first time I saw Yammie Nam ,at first glance it thought the M M is pretty good, but oddly enough, now she has become so.
In this film Yeh Wulitou style emerged ,then look at the time feel quite funny .The film roll out still very fire ,then called stars of the film ,including many popular TV show ,the film also Xingye selected among them .
The lyrics :the end has been thrown into the clouds at the thoughts on dust can also be found in the night like pawns but with gas in fame no thought to need not too nervous my enthusiasm not permitted to be a veteran in battle and dark brewing snow slightly owes some mighty kind heart brave but in if enough light in ring four two is determined to face the evil Kung Fu match easily solves the hidden roadblocks and seek to be admired me cheesy direction out of the heroic appearance Thirteen sister ,although the actress Rong Er and Nianci ,but on the female lead was Huang Xingxiu mm this year by Hongkong media praise for the most beautiful Girl Costume outfits .
When watched the movie of the same name in the comics ,fashionable remake of the classic now ,do not know why the film has no one to browse ,I do not know whether it is because as Huang Xingxiu looks so beautiful but faintly revealed a Sassou heroic spirit of the female lead is not easy to find .
It Lyric :Although the body daughter heart heart is strong heroine hepatobiliary wins man dares to adhere to the task just when the soft tears as alcohol wine is a strong ,not afraid to ask not dark frost penetration love is not about past find let wisdom sword apart my heart regret go alone alone laughed and said the wind thing never spit old tragic not crooked daughter Guang Huilei women feelings have cupola dry drop of a thousand years to will bear the liability and leave my unvoiced Liaozhai very old homebred film .
Always wanted to see but do not dare to look, for those ghosts and strange has a terrible sense of awe .Especially TV beginning the Pu Songling lantern with Yi prattles hoot of terrible ~ ~ impressive is the Mask and about .
Gong Hanlin plays the student see the monster mask process ,scared about the temptation of climbing ;peeping at her next rogue son light solution ,sweater ,was at that time the lens is still very rare HH too CJ ,facing the wall .
The song Words: you also said Liao, I also said that all the passions of Liaozhai together to the heart to ghosts or the ghost ,blame is not the blame the monsters and freaks of all descriptions it rather than real gentlemen more lovely smile and tears of sorrow ,joy has a somewhat humorous jest solemn ,a few points ,the feeling of the taste ,who can solve it who can solve it who can solve it to the line where we ,was immediately followed by the Huo Yuanjia broadcast, than the shooting qualification also old.
Then also started primary school ,every night at home watching TV after the very next day ,a group of boys began to study at school while you play ,I play your side mouth also muttering incantations :&quot ;South Sea ,north of Tieshan ,a vast world Yue Qing days &quot ;&quot ;throat lock gun Wang gun lock throat most difficult against &quot ;HH is very lively .
Inside familiar actors have Dong dart ,Chen Zhen Bruce Leung ( perhaps say acting Cthulhu probably more people know that the fire ) ,playing Long Haisheng Li and Han ,Catherina Yim ,Lawrence Ng .
Then Lawrence Ng was handsome man ,now is the fat man ,or aunt Catherina Yim doughty,Christian Louboutin UK, more beautiful than then .On the other one of the greatest memories is about young heroes .Ning .
Little hero to fire when said today to the tiger line is no see, I now is to the volcano mm to my contemporaries as long as the study had Laining deeds might remember it ,hehe. Lyrics :how would life and light .
Now the people are awe to all admire people said is full of bile why advised me not to move to bother knowing I will enter for the heart and soul to the tigers for infestation but don this to which also separated to say when we meet again brief will return a pair of eye to this not knowing ordinary Walker smile pride head long a light does not fear the road trip quack vendetta Tianya favourites ,discuss about it classic post .
I see only that the actor modelling is very bad ,Tanchun sister is beautiful, performing scale open very shocking HH although the film was very bad ,but in which television broadcast of martial arts drama is not much of the time ,I was basically also finished .
Hey ,is also in Hongkong under the impact of the martial arts drama martial arts drama attempts beginning .For this reason ,I think everyone is nice ,Just smile .Lyrics :the vast sea skyline long spread Eagles Xiaoyao days all corners of the country and the situation of human broken bow more edge wind chilly rain resentment to affective and relatives have not much sadness add enemy much like cut ceaseless manage to return chaos silently ask heaven lakes and when and when waiting for spring weathering and full of rain the Wu Zetian memory read has three versions of Petrina Fung edition ,edition of Angela Pan and Liu aunt .
Aunt Liu version of the story is probably the most rigorous ,when at the age of 44 Liu Xiaoqing exert all over skill, nor is it alone to Wu Zetian from acting to old; if not mistaken ,she seems to have boast that their speech Wu ze .
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Demo and Momo to co-write Taiwan shopping guide

Subject to rise not refined ,but for shopping guide ,is enough. The content and the form will not write too fancy, practical .In the final analysis ,shopping the ultimate goal is to use the least money to buy the best things.
This article we discuss first step down generation. As for the generation will not write the future .Later. A little attention to Taiwan purchase of students should know ,Taiwan has two major festivals ,one is mother purchase, two anniversary of purchase.
Usually there are some Dianqing activities ,but the most important thing is two days .All large companies are very seriously, some limited and special set in two time of broadcast. Mother May, but at the end of three started speculation preheating intentional classmates this time almost can begin to do homework .
Of course good suits and activities will not be out so fast ,generally to the end of April .Here to recommend a Taiwan website ,beauty news table :Anniversary began in November 9 at the end of the month ,there will be activities continue .
For the novice buyers, due to the activities over the years situation is not clear ,will can not place an order to make decisions . I want to say is ,not everyone opened You can buy the beginning value that sets.
It is required to pay tuition .Someone take you to play with the exception of .Think about, you should place an order to pay ,because many packages are limited ,purchase order is based on your pay delivery ,to pay first .
You pay late ,if this is really many people grab ,as do not turn on you. Taiwan is now doing a lot, I present three sellers to everyone when the reference does not guarantee the cheapest ,but inside the circle is also considered the Taobao ,mixed mixed much should all know .
Here I still want to say something shameful ,wordy ,I shop ,I believe they are genuine and bought,Christian Louboutin UK, also have a lot of friends bought no problem. I provide store just let everyone to be a reference for students ,post ,don trust me so much ,you must own repeated confirmation this shop is no problem ,and then decide whether or not to patronize ,don reluctantly ,the doubt is not to buy online ,in order to avoid any unpleasant things.
In addition ,stores sell price is not I can control ,the delivery speed and to not to have goods ,nor can I ,I just these store a customer .Star fucking store :Star mother branch :drilling three Taobao shop.
Though the boss is a person ,but the shop on the things have the difference. If you want to buy something in a store ,did not see the best ,another house have a look .Or ask the boss.
Stores within something less ,the main store of many things . For liking things to start early, otherwise you will face two a result ,Christian Louboutin UK,one is sold ,it often some cabbage price things ,for example 88 invincible water later ,ask basically do not grab ;two is the price rises ,I used to watch a LunaSol palette ,bud that ,Taobao is now generally more than 280 ,on the first day of the see it is 238 ,two days before it becomes 255 cry dead things go well ,the boss will be appropriate to rose .
But not outrageous .The price is very honest .Mu Yi :crown Taobao shop. The shop feature is the whole .Those in Taiwan .What size table Taiwan Beitai south what, the boss hands are extended past .
Though prices than other stores more than ten block twenty .But when it comes to the Almighty ,powerful ,or the home. But sometimes because the boss is too busy ,there may be some advisory question answer is not enough time .
Carol :crown Taobao shop shop .E angel Mixed more ,the boss will be familiar. Besides table generation ,the boss also do the United States and Europe .Boss table generation has a region to restrict .
Boss the most familiar counter is the AQ and Shiseido ,can get the others not to suit. The three patronize the most is the star in the mother shop ,one is because they in addition to counter purchase ,Taiwan network purchase also is done weller ,goods and updates faster.
Two because the star mother cow ,strawberry students on Mother over the past two weeks ago ,belatedly discovered CLARINS which set a good star ,mom had to give her to get the in addition he also sells Taiwan characteristics of food ,brown sugar candy.
Shopping at a packet . Well good ~ finished Taiwan activities ,also said that the purchase, then we speak out purchase should buy what right. Like Clinique butter this ,is not suitable in Taiwan to buy, purchase to 300 .
The cheapest .The generation 190 .But Clinique sample price can also ,belongs to the normal purchase price .What to buy ,the concrete analysis of concrete problems is complex, we can only speak of big ,main attack is Japanese and Taiwan native brand !No.
1 SK2 the brand reputation .All bad. My early youth time also participated in this brand of BS activities. It is said that this product is not good, rather because this girl too strong unabashedly show ,to know the traditional is a gun fight bird ,and the bird or Japan.
Man must pay attention to ,low-key low-key .About SK2 !Several mistakes I don do here to explain the specific ,if you have put a good teacher blog read from a to Z ,should be able to understand.
A Palestinian child most like to buy one get one free .Good luck plus full add gift ,incomparable value. But remember saying ,this activity must start early, or do not grab .SK2 now domestic counter purchase general can do forty percent off ,there are activities will do 5-5.
8 ,see point, home to buy is also good. As long as willing to drill can always buy cheap goods. Give us a home purchase shop ,United States ,four drill, Shanghai special counter purchase, like SK2 and mixed Taobao should all know .
She added :like you said ,SKII set ,the general is almost hard to buy ,you SKII said is very detailed !Well, but Taiwan SKII buy I feel a part of reference forty percent off to do a price Each has its own merits.
Comparison ,Louboutin Pas Cher,some ,I ordered set ,and to sample all fell back ,that impulse ,I hope you consider clearly, the price under the temptation ,send gifts ,whether you are in, don ,the sample value how much money, buy come do not need ,just trouble for himself ,as well as forty percent off domestic pay products !No.
2 Ayura estimates there are a lot of students on the big slim ,ghost brand to wool heard ... .simply speaking it is Shiseido second line ,set up 95 years ,is an advocate of the way of life of the brand .
Don say it something good well ,it is home of the packaging is beauty. Full of Chinese ink painting elegant wind .It home in Taiwan is actually considered is the retreat of the state ,as is retained only two counter, and then fully smoda official network marketing: have a look this picture ~ tender tender ~ if it is not going to NYR ,should get this ,but now I can shake ,the small bottle ,looking more and more like ,I think again.
They house cleansing ,isolation ,pro white polishing liquid ,Shu min series are my grass with ~ No.3 AQ PD I on this brand not very mature ,but in the network look more, there is Taiwan the cheapest impression .
KOSE top brands. Price is lady friends .See the article of this brand new had already moved in ,interested can go to sunbeam around .Momo classmates recommend this brand :&quot ;this thing Taiwan is cheap ,anniversaries and mother activities ,usually buy over what what is sent, will be divided into three ,I am familiar with a beauty master ,before a few years time ,the flagship product is always PD plus red dream ,plus the brand effect of mask what .
PD moisturizing essence ,the main theme .Do you like this what have used leather ,AQ loop .I also, I am so easily from acne grain leather ,had .&quot ;we look at mother specific activities :buy moisturizing beauty liquid 40ml / moisturizing beauty liquid 60ml send moisturizing beauty liquid 15ml+ crystal pure white concentrated essence 5ml-- with whitening cleansing 6G purchase crystal pure white concentrated essence send ,whitening new day defense essence 10ml ( April new ) + whitening technology mask two gold worth 4605 yuan price of 3500 yuan to buy experience elastic Regenerating Eye Cream send Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Essence Mask three gold worth 2930 yuan price of 2000 yuan to buy the AQ experience perfect essence eye Cream gift AQ perfect essence lotion 18ml+AQ perfect essence lotion 18ml+AQ gentle pure cleansing cream 30g+AQ Brightening Mask 30g worth 12560 yuan price of 10000 yuan purchase experience AQ activity cycle milk +AQ activity cycle dew send AQ activity cycle milk 75ml+AQ activity cycle gel 75ml+AQ temperature and clean wash lotion 50ml+ solution mechanism of wrinkle eye mask a coin worth 11160 yuan price of 7500 yuan purchase experience elastic live Yan skin cleanser + hydrating mist send stretch live Yan skin milk 50ml + elastic work colour circulation gel 50ml+ stretch Regenerating Night Cream 15g value 6200 yuan price of 4000 yuan at the same time experience to buy new skin whitening cleanser + crystal is disclosed to send new skin whitening milk 50ml+ new skin whitening lotion 50ml+ whitening new whitening Firming Night Cream 2.
5g+ whitening technology mask a market value of 5510 yuan price of 4000 yuan purchase experience muscle boast future revitalizing cleanser + hydrating mist sending muscle boast future skin milk 50ml+ muscle boast future revitalizing gel 50ml+ muscle boast future moisture cream 15g value 4425 yuan price of 3000 yuan full experience a full 4500 yuan send AQ gentle pure cleansing cream 30g+AQ gentle pure wash lotion 18ml+AQ activity cycle milk 18ml+AQ activity cycle gel 18ML full 7000 Yuan send AQ gentle pure cleansing cream 30g+AQ gentle pure wash lotion 18ml+AQ activity cycle milk 18ml+AQ activity cycle gel 18ml+AQ newborn elastic cream 2.
5g+AQ essence mask a + activating small Yan hot moxibustion massager full 16000 send AQ gentle pure cleansing cream 30g+AQ gentle pure wash lotion 50ml+AQ perfect essence lotion 18ml+AQ perfect essence lotion 18ml+AQ ultimate essence cream 2g+ slim body electric massager what sets for most people ?Buy moisturizing beauty liquid 40ml or 60ML with moisturizing beauty fluid 15ml+ crystal pure white concentrated essence 5ml plus a AQ6G cleansing cream this for many people, the 40+15 essence ,only HK Christmas time can meet, the activities of the Taiwan ,and 2 times a year ,do you want to buy ,Christian Louboutin ireland,can go to Taobao Search !Luck can touch to the mother or an anniversary than goods ,also is the purchase of their stockpile .
Buy moisturizing beauty liquid 40ml / moisturizing beauty liquid 60ml send moisturizing beauty liquid 15ml+ crystal pure white concentrated essence 5ml-- with whitening cleansing 6G this is their a powerful ,whole world almost nobody doesn moisturizing essence !At the same time to buy AQ activity cycle milk +AQ activity cycle dew send AQ activity cycle milk 75ml+AQ live force circulation gel 75ml+AQ Wen Hechun Net cleansing gel 50ml+ solution crinkle mechanism mask a market value of 11160 yuan price of 7500 yuan this experience is between 26-35 ,the love is also used in mother set up and buy muscle boast future revitalizing cleanser + hydrating mist sending muscle boast future skin milk 50ml+ muscle boast future revitalizing gel 50ml+ muscle boast future Hydrating Cream 15g worth 4425 yuan price of 3000 yuan this experience is the basis of series of buying AQ perfect Essence Eye Cream gift AQ perfect essence lotion 18ml+AQ perfect essence lotion 18ml+AQ gentle pure cleansing cream 30g+AQ Brightening Mask 30g worth 12560 yuan price of 10000 yuan this series experience is not full ,the lady is PD series ,and the other is the series can be compared to the same period of the series, is the most expensive series of PD ,is very good with the series ,fine series is perfect ,but also very expensive ,preferably 30+ lady in Taiwan ,purchasing the 10% charges ,the general exchange rate by 4.
6 ,plus the domestic postage because you calculate ,decore circulation series and easy to use ,and the operator of the partial high ,and the level of integral very nice !Buy cycling series generally is NT $7500 ,then just full second gifts &quot ;over 7000 yuan to send AQ Wen Hechun Cleansing Cream 30g+AQ gentle pure wash lotion 18ml+AQ activity cycle milk 18ml+AQ activity cycle gel 18ml+AQ newborn elastic cream 2.
5g+AQ essence mask a + activating small Yan hot moxibustion massage &quot ;,therefore ,people buy ,very much, very much! Now you are too strong! I worship you !This beautiful woman opened his own a small shop ,global purchasing,Christian Louboutin Outlet, hand also rises very long ,we can go have a look .
It took her all do .No.4 Shiseido when I wrote here ,made a stay ,Momo immediately slap me :you should never write Shiseido ,on behalf of the Taiwan Red Monroe set and 100 excellent pure set ,is all set in order the most horrible !I know a sister ,until now ,red Monroe one year N bottle ,is to drink !This thing is very good !You look at me first !In fact large segments of the population, dry skin or skin ,or the first year ,I use this from the big oil field into a neutral skin .
Is the dream of the red + 100 excellent pure ,I recommend to a lot of people over ,feedback information is very good! I used to dream of the red face ,very cool! The red dream after all is Shiseido ;immortal water &quot ,200 ;years of history is not a fake .
Buy 100 excellent precision Pure cream 50ML send new muscle honey water ,milk + total compact 4g+ new muscle honey Whitening Mask 2 this suit ,is a large order ,usually in about 495, increase the version of the 75ML suite ,but almost difficult to purchase ,a purchase, a table generation ,can purchase to 20 about ,has been very good, so almost robbed ,I was once 2 bottle of red dream + a bottle of 75ML Baiyou through the winter ,adjust my big oil field.
75ML increase edition ,in general more than 595 Shiseido products 2 ! Monroe red classic group Monroe gift: White Lucent Cleansing Soap 30ml ,louboutin,100 excellent essence of vitalizing cream 7ml ,beautiful white skin milk 15ml ,Monroe beauty mirror ,make-up kits special: 2200 ,a fold number 31% off .
Purchase price: 480 above is exclusive combination ,this is all Taiwan general everybody to buy combination !Every year is the classic Monroe group relative to the 100 excellent pure ,buy 100 gifted Czech fair-skinned and 100 excellent extractive is relatively small ,after all, is a wrinkle and whitening ,but 100 excellent anti-wrinkle whitening is a little more than a hundred excellent !Moisturizing pure maximum order quantity .
time glass group glass gifts :exquisite spatiotemporal White Lucent Brightening Massage Cream Cream 10ml ,Lucent Bai Jie Soap ( I ) 30ml ,Lucent white skin of water ( I ) 25ml ,Lucent white skin milk ( I ) 15ml ,beautiful white whitening facial mask 1 pieces ,White Lucent Revitalizing Cream 10ml ,beautiful white essence 5ml ,make-up kits special: 6900 ,a fold number 24% off .
This time glass cream is very easy to use ,louboutin pas cher!Annual purchase quantity is also very much! This price can be !No.4 EA EA capsule is fist product ,is also the Taiwan activities when big promotion .
Let 08 mother Activity Set: CLX gold navigation ocular capsule (the department store counters points are .) 40 percent off :CLX gold content of combined navigation ocular capsule ( 60 ) +CLX genuine gold navigation ocular capsule ( 60 ) value of NTD$4560 R NTD$2780 by genuine wood home purchase rules ,4.
8 exchange rate and then 10% of the purchase cost ,120 down is 637 yuan .T3 duty-free shop not purchasing fee is 483 yuan 90,Christian Louboutin Ireland, if the 120 words is 644 yuan. In addition ,some new purchase will purchase fee to 5%.
this price is more reasonable . For novice sellers ,Momo said a word I feel good :the network actually to purchase can be a little more confidence, because as Kai Ruo said a word ,I if false ,too Not possible to follow the activities of the Taiwan in the production as like as two peas suit.
In addition to the above introduction of this set ,08 year anniversary also appeared 150 grain special limited ,60 grains of dress +30 tablets T3 box ,but the specific price has not test .
In addition, like the 21 day Moisturizer ,will also have value pack such activities. Fight alone down ,quite worthwhile. Momo once again I worship you !You to Taiwan buy is really ripe ~ except described above brand ,like other brands will also have some good suit.
But in the final analysis ,this needs further work. On their skin has a correct understanding on the generation ,Europe ,beautiful ,generation generation generation ,the airport the normal price of a base ,such ability in numerous stores in to pick the most desirable values of most things.
When conditions are right, I will be in the intensive period recommend some set . Of course, I can find a friend without purchasing costs to buy is the best .But never mind some also not necessarily can get by with 08 ~ Kay if the home place an order card, students who are interested in study, can get a lot of useful information ,such as what is the most popular and sought after :we enter Taiwan native brand discussion sections .
Please look at the several Website :fashionguide: Taiwan most fire beauty web sites, on which you can check to Taiwan beauty trends and other information. There are a lot of ideas and activities information.
BGO: supports international delivery service, can be sent to China. This website needs to explain international freight is full 3000 freight 450 ,every 2000 plus 250 ,when shopping ,will vary with package has 100 yuan freight volume discount .
But not before date limit .XX away do waste .BGO will also have regular activities, there are activities when buying will be much cheaper .Periodic activity is also the parent affinity anniversary two festivals .
Chaos seven eight eight brand the Internet has ,but Europe and the United States due to Japanese goods Daigou super ,his family would not necessarily at the right time with right price advantage ,coupled with some rumors let me on its home to part of the commodities such as perfume has a certain doubt ,I personally identified and recommended in the net buys Taiwan local brand things ,pet name ,Dr.
wu ,Diary of what. Mainly introduced under the name of love . The brand have a counter. All degrees of awareness and understanding are also higher .Big :&quot ;this is my almost every Day to apply mask.
I especially recommend the name of love white purification series ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,it has a bright white mask ,no matter what your skin is applied, the king I can get from toilet paper advanced to the daylight lamp ,this mask is one of the top one of the hero !&quot ;they most people are familiar with the product is a facial mask, moisturizing and whitening .
One Brightening Mask due to the large s and Annie Yi ,sell especially well .BGO no preferential activities when the price is 1170 yuan ,frankly is not very appropriate ,do not calculate freight RMB 244 ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,80 yuan a piece of course than counters .
More than 300 of the price is a lot cheaper . For Taobao is not assured ,no suitable purchase classmate ,in this online buy or can .BGO itself has a rebate .Can also save money .Brightening Mask I have not used ,but the mask is really good.
Do at night piece, second day the skin condition is good full moist ,bright white .Not general 5,6 yuan a parity mask to produce results. For emergency and rapid phase of conditioning are very appropriate.
In addition ,whitening and moisturizing series as foundation ,a good market reputation .BB cleansing cream is also quite Many people chase ,Louboutin,but I personally don BB cream ,do not recommend you to buy .
We saw last year anniversary BGO engage in many activities. The full 5000 yuan also add send 1350 authentic emulsion. NO.1 half off essence whitening and moisturizing essence ,must grab ,slow hand no essence not oil .
Stuffy ,replenishment is excellent. I really like .NO.2 star whitening effect group ,big s like a series NO.3 basic moisturizing group .Dr.wu No.1 Taiwan medical beauty brand ,from the National Taiwan University Department of dermatology clinical professor Dr.
Wu founded. Honestly I don about the brand ,but their home of aqua fortis and mask is a great reputation .Moisturizing essence is Kang is beautiful drugstore sales commodity. Attention is less, so the information not available .
He moves when I did not concern. So information RSS. Pchome online shopping :Taiwan a well-known shopping network does not support international express. But if you can find the right table generation or flesh ,this network is an absolutely excellent shopping destination .
His family activity than BGO lot ,anything . Except care products ,household appliances clothing ah packet ah all sell .In skincare brand are also many, activity Strength is enough ,buy one get one free ,limited special what .
Anyway nice one .In name of love as an example ,moisturizing mask bought in this only need 999 ,bright white mask and BGO a price, RMB 208 ,even 10% of the purchase cost Yecai 228 the price or establish in the complete absence of any activity based on .
Pchome network now is the nine anniversary special celebration ,special set lot ,and second pieces of half off activities and activities of.Dr.wu moisturizing essence also now have a buy a small activities.
No one one above, we see ourselves ,given to link .Page :Dr.wu page :for Taiwan local brands I don recommend what table generation ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,the first recommended that the several generation is not a local brand .
I was using all of these things are monster classmate home buying, but she later do table generation, to do OPI nail and beauty diary mask. Her nail oil price is the most expensive ,we have to buy OPI went to her.
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Woman taking anti-inflammatory drugs hallucinations after the le

Woman taking anti-inflammatory drugs hallucinations after the left unaware of 2008 07 02 03:49 / talk to me (24)] [font size: large, medium and small] source: Xinhua Press Network - the Yangtze Evening News after taking a woman to break illusion left Wuxi food and Drug Administration: drug itself does not exist quality problems, may apply for medical identification of Mu Yi Pan Zhenghui Scala was weak and feeble, neck like being stuck as breathless, hallucinations, nausea, and suddenly she raised his knife to cut off his left hand, left hand suddenly drops rolled to the side barrels,Christian Louboutin Shoes, this is the last month of 29 occurred in the early morning in the Wuxi scene.
No pain, no perception, Ms. Lai recall has no impression. According to Ms. Lai husband Mr. Rowe introduced a few days ago,Christian Louboutin Outlet, the wife feels unwell,Christian Louboutin UK, on the morning of 27 to Wuxi some hospital urology clinic, doctor has opened " gatifloxacin " and " &quot clarithromycin dispersible tablets; two anti-inflammatory drugs, from 28 to start the day, wife early in late three after taking this medication,Louboutin Pas Cher, began to feel dizziness, chest tightness, and no energy, but did not cause the attention.
In the evening 10 pm, wife suddenly feel restless, alone after waking up,At that time, Mr. Rowe didn't much care and fell asleep, until the very next day more than 11 noon, Mr. Rowe got up and found his wife lying on the ground, broken left hand and the knife are placed on the side of the barrel, the wife is still dazed, unconscious.
Ms. Lai was rushed to the Wuxi Hand Surgery Hospital for treatment, because have missed 6 hours of replantation of severed limb valid time, she cannot carry out the operation of replantation of severed limb.
Until 12 hours after the incident, she realized that left no. She told her husband, his left hand is about three thirty in the morning the cut, was upset, how the left hand off and cut down after it has pain to feel don't know.
She also recalled, ever since he ate gatifloxacin " " " &quot clarithromycin dispersible tablets; two anti-inflammatory drugs, began to feel that was weak and feeble, chest tightness,louboutin, breathless.
Family begins to suspect that the two drugs cause discomfort, remembered on manual of medicines and chemical reagents. Indeed view these two kinds of drug instructions,Louboutin, the adverse reaction of column is written with " rare nightmare, hallucinations, confusion of transient central nervous system side effects & quot; ".
The Wuxi Municipal Drug Administration Drug Administration OfficeDirector Xu Jie says, these two kinds of medicine itself does not exist quality problems. He said, either in patients taking prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs to read the instructions carefully,Christian Louboutin Shoes, especially the usage and dosage, adverse reaction and matters needing attention,Christian Louboutin Outlet, to review their own to previous medication appear in the process of similar adverse reactions,Christian Louboutin ireland, or instructions on problems,Christian Louboutin Ireland, if any time to discontinuation of the medication or consult a doctor.
After medication should continue to observe, once the body discomfort, more attention should be paid to direct with the doctor, many drugs in reflect quality premise, also can appear Specification no adverse reaction, which needs through a large number of cases,louboutin pas cher, the relevant departments of the state in order to emerging medication symptoms into instructions for Ms.
Lai this one example, Xu Director suggested that they can promptly through the administrative department of health to medical process identification,Christian Louboutin UK, because the situation is more complicated, the health administrative department to do early investigation, such as Ms.
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Baise scenic outdoor information network of outdoor sports trave

Tour and travel jagged military outdoor managers outdoor supplies ENGLISH face-to-face logon registered I have advertisement service information platform news outdoor outdoor climbing Travels Raiders classic line outdoor knowledge from driving riding fishing caving must ski graphic platform for business investment to join the outdoor shop business channel outdoor brand tour pal mall manager job questionnaire outdoor insurance mailing list with interactive platform tour pal forum tour pal book tour pal home equipment experience poly cheap travel Raiders Download URL activities outdoor outdoors special February outdoor travel mm rainbow night 2009 ten foot character selection activity ispo China 2010 Winter exhibition 8264 forum each year excellent moderator award in 2009 2009 hope primary school love activity day all-match equipment pooling 1+ winter coat 09 China outdoor sports industry annual selection of 2010 love love love in the Spring Festival calculation overhead B Sanfo Chengdu Wuhou Temple store opened B Jore Sports March comprehensive sports glasses with B Agoda to provide you with perfect match :Phuket Island B red season clearance ,don don regret B OUTDOME professional socks display delivery in B Red fox and hanwag at Sanwinter B COMET2010 camp lamp commonly listed on the official B TNF ( north face ) the 30 percent off package express B Dowell folding tables and chairs barbecue outdoor B agent will promote your hotel at B SWS ISPO B Easoul servos in Beijing exhibition of shoes ,Louboutin Pas Cher,spring Amoi ,listed B Fenix creative work, MC10 B corner lamp high degree yodo picnic bag subtracting 160 yuan bKAILAS celebrate the Banff Mountain Film Festival in China culture B OSPREY new customer service registered products Ma Youli industry focus management and diversified dispute outdoor brands will have direct marketing ?Looking for Winter Olympic Games athletic field on outdoor brand outdoor supplies industry has no wholesalers ?KAILAS new office for display on what outdoor development of optimal model outdoor terminal form of product sales of domestic brand consciousness from foreign direct mail to outdoor brand since naming began to join 79 yuan double tent preferential investment department of Commerce overseas publicity only five seconds a collection footwear tent wanted distribution GARMONT brand dealers new listing ,Christian Louboutin ireland,10 mixed batch of zero inventory ,low risk ,low investment brand guarantee - - don are difficult to enter your search word 8264.
com free Download sea travel Raiders 8264 special order super tent &quot ;two rooms one hall &quot ;try a special scheme: China 2010 special booth sneak preview exclusive event : tour pal group &quot ;&quot ;and outdoor industry reception hall visitors guide: exhibition time schedule the location and traffic information Download B industry KingCamp &quot ;&quot &quot family outdoors ;interpretation ;happiness is the B international Mountain Hardwear appointed a new chairman was VF executive B industry outdoor agents brand 2010 spring and Summer Seminar to be held in Beijing B industry which would be more successful ?Focus management and diversification of B industry Pathfinder would in ispo show Antarctic special products B industry agglomeration trendsetter exhibition debut ispo China B cool movement of 2010 International Deckers company for 09 years, the fourth quarter revenue rose B industry 8264 special order super tent &quot ;two rooms one hall &quot ;test ride B industry APSC Asia Pacific snow Forum :Chinese ice snow industry opportunities B industry CORA 2010 Fair will be held in Beijing in early 3 stores in China World Trade Center held the first China outdoor industry B production Industry forum will be held on March 5th B industry Spain high-end mountaineering stick brand LOCUST will debut ispo B international Crocs 2009 fourth quarter revenue rose 7.
9% over the same period the B industry proud snow peak brand will bring new products unveiled ispo China Hanwag ten &quot ;&quot your foot ;outdoor shoes of Fenix 2009 Sweden journey through the all have less than 5 kg PAK5 Fjallraven Royal regalia four classic HanWag low-cut hiking shoes Hanwag Chengzhao dealers around outdoor news video tourism sports mall press B domestic visit ispo China 2010 will receive Beijing fitness card B domestic technology Memorial man first walked across the Antarctic expedition 20 anniversary B domestic Beijing international outdoor endurance running track and increasing difficulty in May into B domestic North Eagle Club closed period without the approval of the winter was fined two thousand B China first tour pal love drama love anaerobic .
Will be in Shanghai Qingqing B domestic Changchun foreigner &quot ;&quot ;snow Orienteering celebrate Germany cabbage section B foreign Explorer Bear Grylls &quot &quot camel carcass ;residence ;in Sydney B domestic women Hua Shanjing Memorial district will hold countrywide woman Female mountain race B tourism holiday return with busy &quot DIY&quot ;tourism ;save new game b tourism tourism to the joint tour &quot ;&quot card ;worth looking forward to B France travel camping tourism development process ,data and Its Enlightenment to our country B tourism more leisure nature aged around &quot &quot ;spring ;leading tourism market tourism B China youth favorite tourist destination promotion activities will start B tourism Chinese 5A level scenic spot tourism city alliance was formally established in Sanya B tourism Hunan will open &quot ;12301&quot ;tourism complaint and advice service hotline B tourism mobile phone terminal m tourism electronic commerce under a military strategists the B mall store opened in Beijing 1 years namely close beautiful general merchandise evacuated line B shopping discount store market withdrawal of department stores are good upgrade decoration &quot ;six one & quot ;B luxury shopping malls opening into the rigid demand of Guangzhou friendship store layout plan more shopping malls B cadence Zhongshan department store last revenue 457000000 area of over 50000 square B shopping mall theme marketing replace discount Rangli Beijing Cuiwei spring sales of 92 B stores Parkson group last year net profit of over 900000000 yuan this year Will open 5 new stores in Japan B mall Takashimaya department store opened in mainland China signing Shanghai Gubei B shopping Paris spring to sell its Gucci veteran group China sales soared by B sports double star celebrity &quot ;&quot ;apparel brand try Attraction Marketing expand publicity B Anta sports material gross margin increased 900 this year.
Between its new B sports Anta brand XTEP wolves and domestic leisure brand value of street culture new balance B sports brand to Chinese market in 2010 will open 200 straight camp shop B sports China sporting goods industry first corporate social responsibility investigation results B sports traditional sports brands encounter bottleneck model of sports industry into new business opportunities or B sports china trends during the first half of 2009 KAPPA opened a new store at 507 B sports domestic sports brand XTEP for tactical siege hyenas Adidas B video terraqueous empty free passage of new type &quot ;&quot flying boat ;in the New Zealand B video video interview with Volcker outdoor Wolf :2010 expect faster B video Rangers outdoor Citi :New Year jointly promote the Tianjin B video Video :8264 big pay New Year to wish all happy tour pal B video Video :Parkour &quo T into &quot ;2010 ;Fashion Gala B video 8264 Tianjin tour pal stronghold outdoor safety knowledge lecture successfully B video Video :8264 Beijing tour pal stronghold outdoor equipment ,the B video Pathfinder 2010 release wonderful models show set off the B Garmin company of 2009 the fourth quarter revenue rose 24% over the same period B Granville rich group in 2009 fourth quarters of the total revenue year-on-year rise B Ward teamed up to launch the Sympatex blue certification ecological product B Outdoor Industry Association in January outdoor supplies retail sales growth recruitment Zhejiang Kerry sound composite fabrics Limited Xiamen Taihe Branch precision plastic limited company Lhasa International Youth Hostel Nanjing Yuan Chi textile clothing Limited company Fujian State-shun Textile Science and technology state of the Nanjing garment research and design outdoor store list recommend total ranked new Shaanxi Xi Anying hung outdoor supplies store Xi key outdoor travel supplies shop Beijing strong wind outdoor sporting goods store Beijing Yujianshiguang outdoor supplies shop in Henan Zhengzhou to pursue outdoor sports attitude u live Qinghai Xining Dayu outdoor (West hundred great outdoor recreational supplies Yang Guizhou sunny outdoor great outdoor Leisure supplies shop in Shanxi Taiyuan Fairview those outdoor ( liberation Tianjin Hill knows line of outdoor sports supplies Shaanxi Xi green grasshopper outdoor high Zhejiang Taizhou Gordon outdoor Beijing Dongli station outdoor supplies shop more outdoor shop information outdoor equipment outdoor experience Clothing began to use environmentally friendly materials of organic cotton b new March 2nd KingCamp conference --10 autumn and winter show B tent have a style of one &quot ;two rooms one hall &quot ;--8264 super tent test ride B footwear wore 4 months in Salomon exit peak report B DIY exactly -- - super strong new bags holy artifact B footwear the United States Marine Corps exclusive layout camouflage desert edition experience B navigation specifically for riding bicycle and design of navigation recorder b new Vaude newest cycling equipment practical fashion the forefront map B and Scarpa Men Nepal Pro GTX Boot B fabric outdoor clothing hiking shoes began to use environmentally friendly materials of organic cotton B lamps positioning climbing caving activities - three trolls commonly D9 headlight B navigation affordable type GPS-- student tour pal for 5 GPS recommendation B I in The Great Wall lit a fire in mmPRIMUS Micr 2010-03-02 B OZARK ( Ozark ) ladies long down jacket experience report 2010-03-01 B Beijing-Shanghai man Ape: Primus ignition furnace head set .
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North Korea why players fled the outgoing message

In June 16th,Christian Louboutin Shoes, South Africa World Cup ,when North Korea more than 1 to 2 score loses to the Brazil team, the North Korean team praise Ruchao. General view is :one is the FIFA ranking first, is a World Cup team was ranked lowest ;a field players are played in the clubs in Europe ,a a team most players had played occupation League ;a session are favourites to win the world cup regulars ,one is for the first time in 44 years to return to the world cup,Louboutin, the mystery of the division ;one is recognized as the kingdom of football ,is a modern football desert .
North Korea and Brazil no doubt is the root and rich and confrontation .Before the game, everybody thought that they are the world cup be of no great importance the passer .Their coach is sure to win the world cup ,Louboutin Pas Cher,the Korean &quot ;Rooney &quot ;he referred to a field goal ,but the &quot &quot ;revolution ;the declaration by fans as a joke.
Not only such ,people also unlimited expansion of the mystery of the division ,louboutin,indulge in elaborating on talking about them in South Africa a pub cellar shabby goal ,their 12 yuan per month salary ,even coined don down to coal mine of the tragic end .
Brazil coach Coach Dunga of the North Korean team respect apparently only stay in oral on ,1 M11 ,the Brazilian discharge main force lineup did not make any secret. But got on the court, the North Korean team immediately showed their unusual.
It played the national anthem when he burst into tears ,his teammates brow as the wind blows strongly with &quot ;&quot ;stirring . The North Korean team members with spiritual power makes up for the strength of the great gap ,they let the world champions in the first half ,Brazil team in the second half was twice through the goal ,the North Korean team still use every opportunity for the crazy attack, like a body wound soldiers to complete the final charge .
1:2 ,Air Jordans,Christian Louboutin UK,the Korean people mysteriously broke through the Brazil team ,lost the game ,louboutin pas cher,but this one goal was enough to win the respect of the world . There are people so called &quot ;North Korea spirit & quot ;praise ,saying :North Korean leader worship ,special emphasis is devoted to country and collective ,this is Korea national spiritual pillar ,is a country ,a nation with expression of faith .
Chinese past has its own common belief ,this something has been our own almost deconstructed light Waste light ,our own ancestors ,even own a founding father of a country should be on fecal corpse ,even the honour for the country in the Olympics have become objects of attack insult ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,hate cannot be dissolved all state organs ,the best life all by myself :individual freedom ,personal will ,personal life ,individual entries, personal struggle, is not mentioned ,not to mention what patriotism collectivism ,team spirit ,Christian Louboutin UK,carry is the SB brain .
This isn another extremism ,another kind of politics and the other an ideology of autocratic totalitarian ?And today stressed state ,emphasize collective personnel matters ,in the thinking of nothing difference ,who also don joke who.
Unfortunately ,the world sport, either Olympic or World Cup ,are per country ,it is more than the national honor ,it is collective ,national flag ,National Anthem of the Europe and the United States invented ritual is what meaning do not have to say now.
Look at others playing in the national flag ,National Anthem of the games ,their own special not taste it. Seems to be ,as long as a national mm regardless of how it is in the national mm team can enter ( also not win ) another sport ball Team ,christian louboutin outlet,is one handsome block 100 ugly ,worthy of admiration and even learning .
This of course is a pediatrician perceptions of MM former Russia Eastern European country sports competitions have roared ,in the international event in the gold medal number accounted for almost half of the country ,however ,this can save them the demise of the ?We heard of saving the nation through education saving the nation ,science and technology ,but had never heard of sports salvation !Besides ,those running the court players ,is really so great ?It came out ,the latest North Korean football players defected .
According to Yahoo! News dispatch of sports team in Korea and the Brazil team in the contest show be firm and inflexible spirit although the defeat ,but won the respect of the world .But there are amazing news ,North Korea players who left the team resident mm fled .
News from Romania state television ,the television station how to get this information is unknown .According to them, a total of four North Korean team missing according to the analysis ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,they should be in hiding ,in order to avoid World Cup back to North Korea .
As for the four North Korean team and other information ,Romania state television has not revealed .On this Like an unconfirmed message ,Louboutin Pas Cher,the first feeling is a thing for it. We know ,Korean football system is the whole nation system ,but China reserve supply ,service first-class state system is different, the North Korean player almost experience is a pure military management, and their discipline is very strict, training very hard ,environment is very difficult ,facilities were very poor .
North Korea is in such harsh conditions into the World Cup finals ,even so ,the player income is still very low ,in a foreign player situation slightly better ,Christian Louboutin ireland,and in the domestic players only get government subsidies are modest ,bring home the bacon is difficult .
The usual North Korea to foreigners exit control is very strict, in this case ,the player of the world cup chance &quot ;block escape &quot ;is not can things. As circumstantial evidence,louboutin, we may mention the recently popular &quot ;North Korean player loses the game to be sent to coal mining said ,&quot ;this statement from the former North Korean national team coach Keenan he in August in 03 years ( or 04 years ) to Beijing with his family by chance 5 &quot ;defected &quot ;South Korea ,in Korea a Ulsan The University as a team coach .
09 year in June ,the Associated Press writer Keenan in an interview ,&quot ;if win the game ,the players and the coach will obtain the big apartment for awards,louboutin pas cher, once lost, they were sent to mine for labor &quot ;and in June 22, 2009, Xinhua News Agency reporter cuckoo in the country foot went south with enter South Africa last wrote, &quot ;Korean men South Africa World Cup qualifier win news more than the western media ,sports and politics become hot.
The associated press interviewed 2004 ,left North Korea settled in Korea team former coach Keenan ( transliteration ) . This Keenan is now one of Ulsan city in South Korea the University as a team coach.
,Christian Louboutin Outlet,Korea takes seriously the game winning or losing ,and national honor hook .&quot ;if win the game ,the players and the coach will obtain the big apartment as a reward ;once lost, they were sent to mine for labor &quot ;Keenan .
&quot ;Keenan &quot ;&quot ,in water ;South Korea &quot &quot ;political ;,also revealed a large number of Korean football insiders, the most conspicuous is the North Korean football player as any missing messages .
Therefore ,the Korean national team disappeared ,indeed The &quot &quot mm ;tradition ;from such an old people be in rags have little food to eat and not a free country to escape, or cloud not? But ,it must be pointed out that :this message is not reliable.
The first reason is the source in Romania TV ,and TV news came from a Romania a forum. Moreover ,no channel confirmed North Korea players defected and missing .If and so on news ,FIFA and other official agencies will be the first time a formal announcement .
Secondly ,on the North Korean authorities to the player control and the team itself ,to flee, nor will it be easy for the North Korean team in South Africa .There are designated by the National Security Bureau agent Kim Jong Il ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,impossible people can easily from these undercover spy eyes away ,players may not alone :eat ,sleep and training all have people in supervision.
Moreover, the Korean team living conditions more difficult ,players are not equipped with any communications tools ,hand there is not much cash ,and the North Korean players generally do not speak English ,appear very little defection possibility .
In addition ,it is reported ,louboutin pas cher,this trip to the South Korean team There is also equipped with a designated national security service company, players eat ,training even sleeping people in the supervision ,therefore ,the so-called Korean players not to leave message ,Air Jordan Shoes Online Store,look from which respect ,are not worth that .
In addition ,Louboutin,because North Korea is the implementation of the so-called &quot &quot ;involve law ;state ,domestic built in concentration camps, that once these players fled, then all of their family ,and without the people who had fled ,including the team doctor ,the Team Guoan member ,and their family members, will be severely punished ,one could not run away .
This date to at least one hundred people above, these people must not to food ,runaway family must send a concentration camp . In short ,North Korean football team fled a thing, a thing for it.
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